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Eat in Riga

Communist food queues are ancient history, and today Riga is a culinary delight. To help your tummy make the most of your visit, I've put together a list of places you will get meals to remember for all the right reasons. Mostly ones giving a real taste of Latvia (you can get sushi or pizza at home, right?), showcasing its superb produce, creative chefs and rich traditions, not to mention unique drinks - beers,  Riga Black Balsam, ciders, fruit wines, even moonshine...


As we say in Latvian, lai labi garšo! Bon appetit!



so what's it cost then?

Every girl has her price.
Every girl has her price.

There's a three-course feed here for every budget:  - under 10 euros;   10-20 euros; and  - over 20 euros. And some of the fancy spots offer fabulous weekday LUNCH! specials, which bring the price down around €, so a trip to a top Riga restaurant is an affordable pleasure.





Get a delicious start to your day in Riga at Chez Olivier Cafe

local and seasonal

Enjoy Latvia's finest produce served in style at Valtera restorāns€ LUNCH!

stalinIST chic

Marvel at the marble in Soviet-posh Amber restaurant. 

family feeding

Grub, fun and Latvian traditions for everyone at Lido


Savour hearty Latvian soul food at Zviedru vārti€ LUNCH!


Savour affordable top cuisine at 3 Pavāru restorāns. € LUNCH!


Dine on behind-the-Iron-Curtain cuisine in dazzling decor at Rasols

veggie heaven

Sample veggie fare and amazing coffee at Miit€ LUNCH!


Treat yourself to budget lunches and incredible cakes at Buberts cafe. € LUNCH!


Relish amazing cooking in an arty atmosphere at Galerija Istaba

golden AGE

Time-travel to Riga's pre-war heyday at elegant Benjamiņš restaurant.