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A bit of everything.
A bit of everything.

Rasols is a Latvian olivje salad with a multitude of ingredients, and that sums up this bundle of joy in the Art Nouveau district.


A kaleidoscope of rugs, cushions, antiques and art, with Elvis on the turntable and Charlie Chaplin flicks screening on the brick wall, it's a weirdly fitting finale to an hour's gazing at Eisenstein's facades.


The menu is "post-Soviet," meaning eastern European classics given a modern touch, including "Soviet tapas" - try the Hemp butter canape or the Lamprey canape for an offbeat taste of Latvia. 


The cute outdoor seating nest is the cherry on top.

Entree:Authentic olivje (120-year-old recipe) with herring, beets, apples, countryside pickles, cream-mayonnaise sauce

MainMarinated charcoal-baked Baltic herring with cucumbers and cottage cream cheese

DessertLayered rye bread dessert

Drink: Tarhun lemonade from Georgia.

Address: Strēlnieku iela 9 (Art Nouveau District)


Open: Mon-Sun 10:00-23:00

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