Step into Riga!
Step into Riga!

Inspiring Tours of Riga and Latvia!

My name is Philip Birzulis, and I'm a tour guide in Riga, the capital of Latvia  - the heart of the Baltics!


I was born in Australia in a migrant Latvian family. Latvia regained its independence in the early 1990s, and after getting a degree in history at Sydney University I came here for a brief visit, which turned into a full-blown love affair with the country stretching more than 24 years. I've worked in Riga as a journalist, a translator and a tour guide, because I want to share my passion for this place with visitors.


Riga has so much to offer! Fascinating history. Stunning architecture from medieval cathedrals to art nouveau  gems and some eye-popping Soviet buildings. Exquisite art, bustling markets, vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine. Above all, the city has lots of amazing stories, and I'd love to share them with you on a walking tour or using my car (there's room for four passengers). Every visitor is unique, and I can tailor a tour to suit you. So contact me today and let's hit the streets of Riga together!


I also do free tours, i.e. based on tips, a few days a week. In 2019 I'll be starting the season at Easter and will post more details here when that comes closer.


You can also browse Enjoy Riga!, where I offer my tips on the best places to eat, drink and dance in the city. And have a read of my travel writing about eclectic spots in Latvia and the wider world.


See you in Latvia!

Enjoy Riga!

People often ask for my recommendations as a local about where to eat, hang out and have fun after my tours. So I've put together this guide to special places where you can get a taste of the real city, away from the tourist traps. As we say in Latvian - baudiet Rīgu! Enjoy Riga!

eat in riga

do stuff in riga

party IN RIGA